5 Things You Should Never Do in Italy

You’re currently planning your trip or already on the plane and thinking about what not to do in Italy? Arguably the most touristic place in the world, Italy receives visitors from all around the globe. Italians in the majority of cases will understand different habits. However, you should know there are some things you just can’t do.

I’ve gathered a list of top 5 mistakes you should avoid when visiting Italy.

Let’s jump right in!

1. Drinking cappuccino after midday


Imagine this scenario – you’re walking in the beautiful streets of some breathtaking city in Italy. But, you were doing it from the morning, and now you just want to sit somewhere and have an amazing Cappuccino – well…don’t! One of the things you should never do in Italy is ordering Cappuccino/Latte after lunchtime. Coffee is a very sensitive issue in Italy, and if you don’t want to be “tagged” as a tourist, just order your Latte before 11 am.

By the way, if you want a latte – be sure to ask for a “Caffe Latte”. Since the meaning of Latte in Italian is “milk”.

2. Not validating your train tickets

railway-station-in-italyThis is an important lesson you need to learn – and I hope you won’t learn it the hard way. How to use the train in Italy should be a full post. Many travelers think that once they buy a train ticket, they are good to go. However, bear in mind that train tickets don’t have a specific time or date and before getting on the train you must validate them. Forget or fail to do so, you’re risking getting a very unpleasant fine from the officer on the train. Remember, the first thing you should think about after purchasing a ticket is to look for the yellow machine. Second, validate your ticket and enjoy the ride(hopefully the train will arrive on time..).

3. Not having some knowledge of the language

do-you-speak-italianAre you familiar with terms like “Ciao” and “Grazie” – If the answer is “no” you’re in a big problem. Another mistake you should avoid when visiting Italy is not learning a bit of the language. Yes, it’s true that English is spoken everywhere, and with most of the young generation in Italy, you’ll have no difficulty. Still, learning some basic keywords and phrases will make your life much easier during your trip. Take your time to study how to count from 1-10, or how to ask for the bill. You’d be surprised how these small things will make your trip much amusing. Besides, the language can tell us a lot about the culture.

4. Not buying tickets in advance

colosseum-romeNow imagine another scenario – finally, you arrived in Italy and you can’t wait to see the Colosseum. Yet, there’s one thing you haven’t thought about – all the other people who, same as you, take the first metro to get there. So unless you enjoy standing in line for hours, one important thing you should do is buying in advance your tickets.

5. Sitting on public monuments

tourist-sitting-on-trevi-fountainBasically, you embarked on the world’s biggest museum, Italy. This 3000-year history of a country possesses much of the world heritage. So I beg you because I know.. I really do, after much of walking, you really want to have a small rest. You should, but not on one of the monuments, or you’re guaranteed to hear some shoutings towards you from an officer. Remember, the only thing you have in Italy more than historical monuments are restaurants. Find yourself with a view to Trevi Fountain and have a nice coffee.