Best Time To Visit Venice

Best Time To Visit Venice you ask? Art. Culture. Fashion. History. Food. Architecture. Italy’s famous City of Canals has so much to offer. Venice is romantic, historic and rife with culture and art. The hordes of tourists that flock there each summer can attest to that. Visiting this city is a once in a lifetime experience and there are endless things to do and see. But, before you hop on the next flight out, you’ll most definitely have some planning to do. Determining the right time to make the trip is the first step in your path to the perfect Italian vacation. Do you enjoy mingling with crowds of tourists or are you looking for a more quiet, relaxing getaway?

Being able to answer that question will help decide the Best Time To Visit Venice for your ideal holiday.


Although Venice in the month of January can be quite cold, the typically packed streets, and crowded canals, are practically deserted at this time of the year. Earlier in the mornings, and even the entire day occasionally, the fog rolls out over the historic floating city, giving it an almost mystical atmosphere. Daylight is limited, however, the cheaper rates for both accommodation and attractions is a plus. If you want to save money and don’t mind doing some indoor activities, January can be a great time to travel to Venice. 


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February means gradually warmer weather, although it can still be quite chilly, especially at night. This month is also considered offseason, but you should keep in mind that Carnivale typically takes place during the month of February, which can bring temporary large crowds. To avoid the masses, plan your trip around the days it will be held, or not, nevertheless, the festivities can be an amazing experience.

Ponte Di Rialto Venice

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In March, Spring is noticeably on its way, although not quite there yet. It can still be cool in the evenings but can get warm during the daytime hours, with plenty of sunshine. While the temperatures are generally mild, you might still see a chilly, and/or rainy day or two especially at the very beginning of the month. Regardless, March is indeed one of the very best times to travel to Venice – beautiful weather, tranquil, peaceful ambiance, chock full of special events, and cheaper all-around!

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Italy in April is spectacular, absolutely picturesque. Everything is renewed, with fresh, blooming flowers everywhere, their fragrant ascent floating on the ever-present breeze…It is truly an incredible time to travel to Italy, and to Venice in particular. Not so much sweat and quite a bit less stress. There are likely to be some crowds but not nearly the amount that the summer season sees. It is an exceptional time to tour the city, although there is the occasional rain shower so don’t forget to bring your umbrella.

Saint Mark’s Square

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May brings moderately warm weather with long, sunny days – perfect for sightseeing the wonders of the city. While Venice does see some rain this time of year, it is not excessive and should not halt too many of your planned activities. The crowds will be starting to pick up although summer is not quite here. Exploring the ‘City on Water’ by gondola or ferry can be a once in a lifetime experience. May has some of the most pristine weather in all of Italy, so if you can deal with other tourists, this month would be the best time to visit Venice. 

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June is the busiest, not to mention the hottest, time to travel to Venice. Many children are out of school so you’ll likely see many families out enjoying the blissfully sunny weather. It does rain, in addition to occasional thunderstorms, however, the beautiful days are worth 100 rainy ones. Due to it being the heart of the high season, the rates in June are higher than the offseason. You should also consider booking accommodation and tickets well in advance, as well as reserving your ‘skip the line’ passes. 


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July’s heat is not much better than June’s but the rain is also not as frequent. If you are planning outdoor activities you might want to schedule them during the non-sun peak hours – Early morning or early evening. This is Venice’s high season and the crowds will most certainly reflect this, anticipate long lines with sometimes cranky, overheated tourists. One of the month’s redeeming qualities is its biggest event – Festival of the Redeemer (see what I did there?). The celebration includes rowing, fireworks, and activities for all ages. It is held on the 3rd Sunday in July.

Venice Lido

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  • Venice Lido: Closest beach 
  • Numerous outdoor concerts, events, movies


Visiting Venice in August gets a lot of mixed reviews from those that have done it. On the one hand, it is quite hot, humid, and uncomfortable, and on the other hand, the city is nearly deserted, and the prices aren’t that bad either. Locals typically take their vacations in August, sometimes for the entire month, and it is in the offseason for tourism. Some of the local businesses, shops, and eateries might be closed due to this, although major ones will still be open. If you can handle the heat, you could have the lovely city almost all to yourself. 

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The heat of summer is finally behind us and you can already feel autumn in the air. September is one of the very best times to travel to Venice. While it is considered high season, the gorgeous climate and the endless celebrations, certainly make this month a great option. It is an enchantingly beautiful time of year in the magical ‘floating city’. Harvest season is beginning so you’ll want to be sure to take advantage of the many festivals and wine tasting events happening throughout the month.

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October means that the beauty of the autumn season has officially arrived. The weather is noticeably cooler, with sporadic rain showers. The city is fairly quiet and peaceful during this time of the year with summer crowds long since dissipated. This means fewer waiting times at some of Venice’s most famous attractions, plus lower prices for pretty much everything. Simply seeing the city in October makes it the best month to travel to Venice. The Halloween festivities that take place near the end of the month are not to miss if your itinerary allows it.

Campanile San Marco Bell Tower

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With winter on its way, the temperatures have significantly dropped, especially as the day progresses into the evening, and snow is even possible the closer to December we get. Make sure that you pack layers as the climate can be a bit varied. Despite the colder weather, Venice is quite beautiful in November. It is also completely budget-friendly. The prices will be at an all-time low and there won’t be many people wandering about so you can enjoy the city’s incredible sights at your own pace. 

Bridge of Sighs

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There is no Christmas celebration like an Italian one and Venetians do their holiday season right. While it can get pretty cold, it typically does not get to freezing temperatures and rarely sees snow. The ethereal fog might show up during this month and it gives the entire place an alluring appeal. The rain is infrequent, making this month a great time for sightseeing in Venice, provided the fog allows it, of course! 

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If you are going by my guide, pretty much anytime is the best time for visiting the wondrous city of Venice. Ideally, a move there would be close to paradise in my opinion, like living in a fairytale. The history, the art, the uniqueness of traveling by canal as opposed to roads, it is as if you have been transported to another, faraway time. While many places have been described as being like no other, Venice has the inimitable evidence to back itself up, it truly is like no place else. If you could visit just one place, it should be the extraordinary city that was literally built on water. 

“If I were not the King of France, I would choose to be a citizen of Venice.” – Henry III