Best Time To Travel To Naples

Are you planning on embarking on a trip to the lovely boot-shaped country, also known as Italy? Well, then the city of Naples is an absolute must-visit. The city might not be as pristine as some of the more touristy spots, but it has a unique character all its own. The city itself is almost 3,000 years old, founded by ancient Greeks way back in the 8th century BC, and is positively steeped in culture, tradition, and history. While it is a natural choice for at the very least, a stop-over, determining the Best Time To Travel To Naples can be a bit tricky.

The following guide breaks down the ideal times to visit Naples, by the month.


Although it rarely snows, the winter in Naples can get fairly cold – and January tends to be the coldest. Don’t mark it off the list just yet, though. Layers of clothing and occasional indoor respites from the coldness are all you need. And, January isn’t lacking in fun and exciting things to do either. The New Year celebrations in Naples can be quite an experience. A massive outdoor music event is held in Piazza del Plebiscito within the city’s stunningly beautiful historic center. The celebration is always followed by a magnificent display of fireworks. 

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As the weather gradually gets warmer throughout the country, February’s climate is more forgiving than January, however, there are still some quite cold days. The Valentines Celebrations are super fun and the romantic city provides the perfect backdrop for amorous couples. It is considered ‘low’ or ‘off’ season so the crowds will be pretty thin. But plenty of local eateries will be happy to cater to just the two of you.


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Although the weather can be somewhat unpredictable, March slowly brings with it the beginnings of spring. The landscape is unbelievably gorgeous and with fewer tourists, usually more so at the beginning of the month, nevertheless, it shouldn’t be overcrowded. Many people consider March and April the ideal times to visit Naples but keep in mind that many other tourists might have the same idea. If you are planning your Napoli vacation during the month of March, it would be the perfect time to make a trip to the relatively nearby Amalfi Coast, before it gets super busy and congested.

Amalfi Coast Italy

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April typically means fewer crowds, more reasonable rates as well as accommodations, and relatively decent weather. If you travel to Naples during the month of April, you’ll need both sunscreen and an umbrella as the climate can be a bit inconstant and rain is not out of the question, and is probably likely. If the weather permits, April can be a great time to go island hopping – particularly to the best in the nearby area; Capri, Procida, Ventotene, Palmarola, and Ischia.


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May is considered to be the beginning of tourist season so if you are opposed to large crowds, it might not be the best time to take your trip to Naples. The weather is near perfect – warm with not much rain, plenty of long sunshine-filled days, and the evenings are still relatively cool. This is also the month that beautiful and fragrant Wisteria starts blooming. The lovely purple and violet flowers can be spotted all over the city.

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This is the month that summer will officially arrive. June can be very hot, sometimes uncomfortably so, but it is still not as bad as, say, the heat in July or August. There is very little rain but lots of sunshine, so plenty of water and sunscreen is an absolute necessity. Tourism season is in full-swing which should be considered when booking hotels or attractions, tickets are better booked well in advance. If you don’t mind the excessive crowds and are not heat or sun intolerant, June just might be the best time to travel to Naples (for you). Don’t forget the swimsuit, the nearby beaches are exceptional!

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Naples is rather busy during the months of June and July. This month, in particular, can be dry, with minimal rain and the heat is at a high, even in the evenings. Due to school breaks for summer, many families choose this time to make their way to Naples, so it would be best to keep that in mind when planning your itinerary. July can arguably be the best time to travel to Naples nearby beaches, although those will likely be very crowded too.


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August is generally a holiday month for residents of Italy and they typically take their vacations outside of Naples. It is also incredibly hot. While there will be fewer locals, as they usually head to the coasts, you will likely still be dealing with tourists if traveling to Naples during this time. Most of the major attractions stay open, however, some of the local, smaller businesses and eateries might be closed, possibly for the entirety of the month.

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Autumn is well on its way by the time September rolls around. Plenty of sunshine with occasional showers, the weather is definitely becoming more hospitable, which can also mean some crowds. Fall can be quite beautiful in Naples and harvest season is just beginning which is a plus if you are a wine enthusiast. September is most definitely high on the list of best times to travel to Naples.


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October is truly at the heart of autumn, and it happens to be one of the most popular, and one of the best, times to visit Naples (and really anywhere in Italy, to be honest). The weather is cool, especially pleasant, with a decent amount of sunshine during the daytime while getting increasingly chilly during the evenings. There will be a notable amount of rain so don’t leave the hotel without your ombrello, just in case. The rain tends to come in spurts and should not be an issue as many of the city’s best attractions can be enjoyed indoors.

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With the month of November, along comes the rain, but it could be a blessing in disguise. This might be the wettest month to travel to Naples, however, that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a bad time to go. There are fewer tourists, which means much shorter lines at major attractions, as well as off season pricing, so airfare and places to stay are relatively cheaper. The weather is officially cool, and so long as you layer your clothing, it can be especially lovely during the limited sunlight hours.

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During the month of December, you can expect the sun to occasionally peek out from behind the clouds, but it is not going to get warm, in fact, it can get, and stay, rather cold. That does not mean you should cancel your December trip because traveling to Naples within this period can still equal an amazing time. The Christmas season is almost magical in Naples, with lights and decorations brightening up the town. The holiday festivities are reason enough alone to make the trip to this quaint historic Italian city. The crowds are not too bad this time of the year, either.

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To put it in the most simple terms, the best time to travel to Naples is basically anytime, any month, provided you can work around the flaws that come with any given season. The weather during high season is practically pristine, and if you don’t mind exploring with the masses, it can be a fabulous time to plan your trip, just as many other travelers will be doing. Both the low and shoulder seasons have their unrivaled charms as well. Doing your in-depth research, and planning your trip accordingly, will go a long way in ensuring a satisfactory visit. Irrespective of when you go, you can be guaranteed it will be the journey of a lifetime. Happy and safe Italian travels to you and yours, Goditi il tuo Bellissimo Viaggio in Paradiso!