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Hi there, my name is Gal, and I’m in love with Italy.

Welcome to my blog, Italynonstop. If you made it here, then it means you’re in love with Italy and would love to visit sometime. For a country so culturally chaotic with art, music and food, it may be daunting for even the most avid tourists to find their way successfully. It then makes perfect sense to allow someone living in Italy, like me, show you the whereabouts of the country.

My name, once again, is Gal. I am a freelance travel writer who settled upon the beauty of Italy and never looked back. Here in Italy, there are millions of things to marvel at—it is truly a place of undying culture and tradition. Honestly speaking, Italy has changed my perception of the outside world as a traveler. 


I have had the pleasure of experiencing Italy as a traveler and resident. I’m willing to share all that wondrous experience with you today. This is why I founded Italynonstop to help me share as much information I can about living in Italy. On my blog, you will find invaluable travel guides, itineraries, and information about life in Italy.


At Italynonstop, you can find the best tips, recommendations and guides about traveling in Italy. Everything you need to know about the country’s attractions; food and drink; hotel recommendations and travel products is right here in this blog. No matter where you come from, you can make better travel plans by investing little time into my blog. I want to show you the full spectrum of the Italian culture.


I know what would make your trip to Italy a fulfilling experience; and it’s all scribbled right here on my blog. I want you to experience Italy’s art, culture and living in every way possible. Have a look around my blog, see what makes Italy tick; and let me know if you need any help.

Copyright © 2020 ItalyNonStop. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2020 ItalyNonStop. All rights reserved.